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Retail chain

ZAO Farmadom
ZAO Farmadom is a chain of retail drugstores including 33 drugstores in St. Petersburg and
the Leningrad, Novgorod, Vologda and Pskov regions.
The purchase of Farmadom shares was the first retail project of AO Severo-Zapad. The purchase of 50% of shares of the retail drugstore company Farmadom – St. Petersburg in September 1999 started the implementation of a plan to revive the company badly hit by the crisis.
In June 2003 the revival of ZAO Farmadom – St. Petersburg resulted in the 8-fold growth of the company’s commodity turnover and repayment of a significant portion of debts.
After AO Severo-Zapad purchased 100% of the company’s shares, the new investment allowed it to expand the drugstore chain, securing its strong position in the market.
The company is now actively developing its corporate style and exterior drugstore design under a uniform brand and creating a unified system of supply and marketing, which will make it a major competitive drugstore chain.

OAO Smolensk-Farmatsiya is a member of the Severo-Zapad holding since 2004.
Smolensk-Farmatsiya is one of the key wholesale and retail operators in the regions including a pharmaceutical warehouse in Smolensk and 65 drugstores in the city and region. The company acts as an authorized contractor to programs of preferential medicine supply and holds a leading position in the retail market.
Lines of business:
• retailing and wholesaling:
• ready-made drugs (including narcotic, psychotropic, strong and poisonous substances);
• products of medical use;
• products of care;
• products of hygiene;
• medical equipment;
• compounded medicines;
• on-site products and packing of medicines;
• implementation of state programs of preferential supplies to customers.
The General Director of OAO Smolensk-Farmatsiya is Igor Mikhaylovich Bogatov.

OAO Farmatsiya-Yartsevo
OAO Farmatsiya-Yartsevo was created on the basis of the municipal company Farmatsiya in Yartsevo, Smolensk region, by way of its privatization.
In April 2006, after winning the tender of trust management of the shares of OAO Farmatsiya-Yartsevo, organized by the Smolensk Region Administration, ZAO Severo-Zapad purchased 49% of shares of the drugstore chain.
Lines of business:
• retailing and wholesaling of ready-made medicines (including narcotic, psychotropic, strong and poisonous substances), storage, carriage, production and disposal;
• retailing and wholesaling of products of medical use, products of care, products of hygiene, medical equipment, products of personal hygiene, pharmaceutical information and reference literature and other goods;
• production and packing of compounded medicines and homeopathic products.

Severo-Zapad drugstore chain in the Murmansk region
7 drugstores in the Kandalaksha district of the Murmansk region. The chain’s drugstores retail and wholesale medicines, products of medical use and other drugstore products and supply medicines to privileged groups of customers.
Open hours from Monday to Friday 9:00 to 18:00.
Chain director is Nataliya Mikhaylovna Varankina whose office is based in drugstore No. 1.
44 ul. Pervomayskaya, Kandalaksha, Murmansk region. Telephones: (81533) 9-23-22, 3-07-75,

OAO Farmatsiya Leningradskoy oblasti
Open joint-stock company Farmatsiya Leningradskoy oblasti, whose controlling stock is owned by ZAO Severo-Zapad, owns the drugstore chain Kirovsk District Production Company Farmatsiya in the Kirovsk district of the Leningrad Region.
The chain’s drugstores retail and wholesale medicines, products of medical use and other drugstore products and fabricate medicines under doctors’ prescriptions.
Central office: 1 ul. Pionerskaya, Kirovsk, 187341, Leningrad Region  
Tel.: (81362) 20-233